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Are you an employer? Then we offer you comprehensive solutions for your business:


Key Personnel Recruitment


Personnel Assessment and Development


HR Consulting


Outsourcing and Staff Leasing

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Career Counseling


Interview Preparation


Access to Exclusive Vacancies


Support at All Stages of Job Search

Let us tell you a little about the Vainhein agency

At Vainhein, our zeal for what we do powers us forward. We're deeply committed to positively impacting our work, driven by a passion for the craft, our candidates, and our clients. Central to our ethos is building partnerships with candidates, clients, and within our team to meet the high expectations placed on us.

Our approach is pragmatic and genuine, with a flexible service model at its core. Our team's deep industry knowledge enables us to uncover hidden talent, benefiting from our long-standing, cohesive partnerships. This synergy enhances our recruitment process's speed and efficiency.


Our consultants and researchers are distinguished by their expertise and dedication, with extensive experience across various organizational levels. Recruitment is our craft, and we're united by a commitment to excellence and shared values in all our interactions. Our success is built on integrity, decisiveness, and a strong business acumen.

Discover the Perfect Fit for Your Business with Vainhein's Tailored Service Packages

At Vainhein, we understand that every business has unique needs and challenges. That's why we've curated a range of service packages designed to meet you wherever you are in your journey—whether you're just starting out, looking to scale, or in need of specialized executive talent.



The "Starter" Package is your gateway to HR excellence, perfect for emerging businesses and SMEs keen on establishing a solid foundation. It offers quick personnel recruitment to fill entry and mid-level positions, vacancy posting across top career portals, skills development seminars for potential candidates, and professional resume consultation. This package is designed to jump-start your recruitment process, ensuring you attract and retain the right talent early on.



The "Professional" Package elevates your HR capabilities, ideal for businesses poised for growth and looking to deepen their talent pool. It includes key personnel recruitment and assessment for specialized and skilled roles, comprehensive HR consulting to refine your processes and culture, corporate training programs tailored to enhance your team's capabilities, and psychological testing to ensure candidates' compatibility with your organizational values. This package supports your scaling efforts with strategic HR interventions and talent management solutions.



The "Exclusive" Package offers the pinnacle of HR services, targeted at established businesses and corporations seeking to attract industry-leading talent and executives. It encompasses an exclusive search for top management and C-suite professionals, a thorough audit and development of HR strategies to align with long-term business goals, bespoke onboarding and adaptation programs for seamless integration of new hires, and personalized HR branding to elevate your position as a prime employer. This premium package is designed for those who demand the highest level of expertise, personalization, and strategic support.

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